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Justin Lau was born in Singapore and raised in Japan. He is bilingual but feels most comfortable speaking Japlish, a hybrid of Japanese and English.

He is currently working on a novel that straddles Japan, Singapore and the UK, and stems from his desire to bridge East Asia and the UK/US. His fiction has been published in The Missing Slate, Inkapture and elsewhere. He also writes essays on cross-cultural identity and faith.

He founded Transect Magazine, a literary magazine of short stories and poetry, to amplify marginalised and multicultural voices. Transect has published work from 30 countries.

He studied English Literature at Durham University, focusing on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (BA) and Craig Thompson’s Blankets and Habibi (MA). He is currently studying for an MA in Theology at Cranmer Hall and writing a dissertation on East Asian theologies.

He is currently based in Durham, UK.